We let the world know what China Thinks About Sports, every day all the time

What We’ve Done to Date

The social future of marketing

We Create Social Networks Instead of Traditional Panels

  • We create sector and client specific WeChat communities, which function like social networks
  • We engage with consumers in their native online environment
  • Instead of traditional surveys, we provide authentic communication

Unparalleled reach and accuracy

WeChat Gives Us Unparalleled Reach

  • WeChat has 963 MAU
  • Average person spends 6.2 hours online each day

WeChat Provides Reliable Data

  • WeChat provides a strong personal identifier for each respondent, thereby preventing panel fraud

More data, greater insights

We Observe What People Really Think

  • Our communities are always on, as respondents engage with each other about the community topic – this allows us analyze a constant stream of unstructured data
  • We capture the actionable nuance that emerges through authentic conversation

We Deliver The Answers You Need,

When You Need Them


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+86 021 5102 1891 (China)
+1 253 777 0117 (US)




We let the world know what China thinks about sports, every day all the time