Pick-Up Basketball

Every week China Sports Voice travels to the numerous basketball courts around the city, inviting our members to pick up a ball and shoot around. Come to practice your shot, or to play a pick-up game. All skill levels are welcome, just grab a ball and shoot!

Thanks to the members that came out, and to find out when and where CSV will be hosting the next basketball experience, scan the QR code and follow our WeChat!

China Sports Voice members in Shanghai met at Cages Bar and Sports for free batting lessons and some friendly matches of billiards. For some, this was their first time hitting a baseball, but without a doubt they learned quickly, even smashing some left field doubles in the process.

After hitting some balls, the members played a few rounds of billiards, which was more casual and allowed time for members to chat and enjoy the casual competition.

Thanks to our members for spending their free time with China Sports Voice.  Stay tuned for more sports experiences coming up.