What is WeChat?

In the early 21st, a new phenomena began that would change how people would interact, allowing them to contact people just across town or all the way across the world.  Social media began in simple roots with websites like MySpace and Facebook, but grew to encompass a multitude of apps and websites.  Over the past decade, Facebook has dominated the social media industry with over 2 billion users logging on each month.  Unbeknownst to those in the western world, a fierce competitor was steadily staking its claim over in the Orient.

There are over 1.6 billion citizens living in China, and almost two thirds of those people are using the social media app, WeChat, with an estimated 963 million users accessing the messenger service every month.  Like Facebook, users can view a newsfeed, share pictures, customize their stories and so on.  Unlike Facebook however, this app is an all-in-one service that has become intertwined in Chinese daily life.  Need to order an Uber?  Pay for your coffee?  Order movie tickets?  This can all be done with WeChat.

Why Do We Use WeChat?

With nearly 1 billion users, WeChat is the best way to reach Chinese citizens, easily finding the latest trends and discovering what sort of media they intake on a regular basis.  China Sports Voice uses WeChat communities to access real people and receive pure results.  In a traditional panel, the users never have a chance to interact with one another, while in our WeChat communities our users are open to discuss up-to-date sport scores, argue who the better player is, and organize where to meet to play with each other.  The groups are always open, and members can post content at anytime of day, giving us access to a constant stream of information, no matter the time.  By using our communities, China Sports Voice receives both the qualitative data of focus groups, while also gathering the quantitative data from surveys.  This unique combination allows us to receive the best, most pure data results from around the country.


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