The Chinese Sports Opportunity

The Chinese market is a vast market, full of opportunity for those who seek to breach its boarders. With 18% of the world’s population residing in China, it’s no wonder why companies and brands are making the pilgrimage to invest in the world’s fastest growing market. The scope of the Chinese market is undeniably massive, and especially with the news of globally recognized sporting events happening in the upcoming years, the opportunity to invest in China is hear and now. The 2019 FIBA World Cup will be hosted across eight cities in China, and the 2022 Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing, becoming the only city to host both summer and winter Olympic games. Including the hosting of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix in Shanghai, Women’s Tennis Association finals in Shenzhen until 2028, and the WGC-HSBC Championship, one of the largest golf tournaments outside the U.S., the sports boom in China is happening now.

Not only are international sports communities growing in interest, but the domestic leagues are steadily increasing in popularity. The China Basketball Association (CBA) is the top level of professional basketball in China, and while boasting a large NBA fan-base than the U.S., the popularity of Chinese basketball will only rise. In football, the Chinese Super League (CSL) is growing into the premier league of China, snagging many high-profile players from all over the world.


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